Smart Track Kit

The Hot Wheels id Smart Track Kit is a premium set designed to work with the Hot Wheels id app. The app combined with the kit allows you to collect and race your id cars physically and online.

14 premium track pieces that include connectors, curves, straights, ramps, a finish line, and a loop come with the Smart Track Kit. It also has a high-performance booster, the Race Portal, a USB cable, and a smart device stand. To top it off, there are two exclusive cars: the Rally Finale and the Super Blitzen.

There are more than 20 premium track configurations and over 100 app challenges to go with them. You can build over 50 additional designs and see your track layouts live in the app as you assemble the pieces.

Vehicles go super fast with the powerful booster and its Rev Meter gauges speeds and RPMs live in the app.

The Race Portal lets you scan vehicles to track your gaming stats, vehicle collection, and full racing performance. You can see every mile driven, races won, stunts performed, and highest speed reached. The more you race on the physical track the more you level up in the app.

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