Race Portal

The Race Portal is designed to work with classic tracks, smart tracks, and the Hot Wheels id app. The Race Portal with the app allows you to collect and race your id cars physically and online.

Two exclusive cars are included with the Race Portal: a Twin Mill and a GT Hunter. It also comes with a portal dock, two track connectors, a smart device stand, and a USB cable.

Hot Wheels id vehicles can be scanned with the Race Portal, uploaded to the app, and added to your virtual collection. Now your physical and digital racing will earn online rewards and unlock additional content.

When connected to classic tracks, the Race Portal lets you track speed, laps, lap times, and play the two exclusive mini-games. With the smart track, it also tracks additional stats and includes over 100 app challenges.

The Race Portal has a rechargeable lithium ion battery which can be charged with the included USB cable. It connects to your smart device via Bluetooth.

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