Aston Martin One-77

GJP01 is 7/8 in the 2020 Hot Wheels id Chase series. The ultra high-end sports car is Spectraflame red with white stripes detailing the top. The Hot Wheels id logo is above the rear window.

It has tinted windows, a white interior, and a tinted base. The “Y” 5-Spoke wheels have chrome rims.

This vehicle can be found in mix “N” of 2020 Hot Wheels mainline cases.

The Aston Martin One-77 made its first appearance as an id vehicle in the 2019 Speed Demons series.

Fun Fact:

The Aston Martin One-77 has a top speed of 220 mph and can go from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.5 seconds.

  • Model Number:
  • GJP01
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