GTD67 is 4/8 in the 2021 Hot Wheels id Chase series. The car is Spectraflame blue with black and magenta circles, dots, and scaly graphics. The yellow Hot Wheels id logo can be found on the sides.

It has yellow tinted windows, a chrome interior and spider-like engine, and a tinted base. The purple PR5 wheels have magenta rims.

This vehicle can be found in mix “G” of 2021 Hot Wheels mainline cases. The chase car is an upgraded version of the Arachnorod from the 2021 Street Beasts series.

The Arachnorod made its first appearance as an id vehicle in the 2019 Street Beasts series.

Fun Fact:

Latrodectus, more commonly known as the black widow spider, has a very potent venom, but only the bite of a female is dangerous to humans.

  • Model Number:
  • GTD67
  • Find this vehicle at

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