The Hot Wheels id app takes your id vehicles and adds them to a virtual world. Once uploaded you can race and collect your cars both physically and digitally.

To upload an id vehicle to the app you need to scan the embedded NFC chip with a smart device or the Race Portal. The Race Portal is available individually and as part of the Smart Track Kit.

Once uploaded, a car is part of you virtual garage. There you can learn about the vehicle’s release date, serial number, collection info, and more. You will also be able to track both physical and digital stats like laps, races won, speed, and milestones.

Virtual racing has many challenges with over 500 races and weekly battles. You can earn digital rewards through in-game and physical racing. These rewards can upgrade a vehicle’s speed, acceleration, handling, and boost.

When the app is used with the Race Portal, it will track each vehicle’s speed and number of laps when connected to classic tracks. The Race Portal also unlocks exclusive mini games in the app.

The Smart Track with the Race Portal tracks even more stats and unlocks additional features. There are over 100 physical racing challenges with over 20 different track configurations.

The Hot Wheels id app is free. It is available for Apple iPhones and iPads and many Android smart devices.

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