I am Jamey, a Hot Wheels fan, and the creator of idChecklist.com.

I grew up playing with the Twin Mill, Poison Pinto, Heavy Chevy, and other amazing cars from the redline era. Although I lost interest during my teen years, in 1996 my love of Hot Wheels was renewed. That’s when I saw the First Editions Volkswagen Drag Bus. I have been a fan and collector ever since.

In 2007, my hobby evolved to include a website, HWtreasure.com (Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts). Over the years I added idChecklist.com, HWredline.com (Hot Wheels from 1968 to 1977) and HWRLC.com (Red Line Club cars). My goal is to pack them full of information and make them a useful resource for other fans and collectors.

You can contact me at [email protected].

Have a great day!


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